Monday, November 2, 2015


30-20-10 Reps for time of:
Power Cleans 115/85lbs
One legged squats
complete as many Pull ups as possible in a minute.
Post the time and number of pull ups complete.

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"The Dumbbell Press" - [video]


JK said...

7:11@65#,BASLS; 23BjPU

Mike said...

7:35 95lbs 25 pull ups

R. Davis said...

I think my time was right around 8:45 but it was modified to accommodate the kink in my neck. Did front squats (I don't remember the weight) in place of power cleans, did 1 legged alternating squats-had to use a 10# weight on the box to adjust for the new level of difficulty of not being able to "sit" between switching legs. & I have no idea how many band pu's--my guess is 15.