Monday, May 16, 2016


For time:
21 thrusters
9 towel pull ups
15 thrusters
6 towel pull ups
9 thrusters
3 towel rope climbs
Men use 95 lb., women use 65 lb. 
Post time to comments.


R. Davis said...

I don't even feel like recording my time today. I've been frustrated after a workout, but today I was just pissed off. I did jumping pull ups (although I wouldn't count them as pull ups) using 3 45lbs and 2 10 lbs weights. I don't understand why I can't get past not being able to do the middle part of the pull up. Between my 45 lb thrusters, pathetic attempt at pull-ups and feeling like I'm not making any progress, today is one of those days when not even my time of 5:22 makes me happy. Maybe it's the pounding headache I've had for two days that has me walking around with a black cloud.

Mike said...

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Matt Livergood 7:56 rx'd

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