Wednesday, January 13, 2016


21-15-9 reps of:
Dumbbell thrusters
L pull-ups
Choose the heaviest dumbbells and most difficult variant of the pull-up at which you can still complete a set of 21 reps. Try for each exercise to be completed unbroken.
Post time, dumbbell load and type of pull-ups performed to comments.
Jessica Estrada at CrossFit Jääkarhu.

Brad Hoffeld does today's workout - [video]

Henry Sailes, 1:53 Fran - [video]


R. Davis said...

10:06 20# and 1-leg band pull-ups. I made it through the 1st set without pausing but I was a disaster by set 3. I had to pause after every other thruster and after every pull up. I'm 99% sure 20# is by far the heaviest either arm has ever had to individually lift over my head.

Randolph said...

Ian - Fran: 4:13
Could've warned up better, went first and last set unbroken. Forgot how bad Fran hurts when your done!

Mike said...

6:07 35lbs Deadhang

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