Wednesday, August 19, 2015


 Strength Day
10 Hang  Power Cleans
10 Hang Cleans
6 Power Cleans
6 Cleans
Increase loads every 3 reps
Post loads to comments: 150515
"The Strip," by Brian McFadden, The New York Times.

"Big Soda Fires Back" - CrossFit Journal [article]
Is ABA vs. SF this century's Scopes Trial?


JK said...

JK Loads:
HPC 65(3)-85(3)-95(2)(f-1)-95(2)
HC did not complete
PC did not complete
Clean 85(3)-85(3)-95(3)(f-1)-95(1)

R. Davis said...

Aw crap… I didn’t see the increase loads every 3 reps. I tried a couple of different weights for each movement to determine what I felt I could do 10 of. Settled on 65 Lbs for each one..New record for hang cleans