Thursday, July 2, 2015


Operation Red Wings (Scale as Needed) 
4 Rounds For time of:
3 Bear Complex (95/135)
200m Run
8 Barbell Burpees (95/135)
200m Run
8 Thrusters (95/135)
200m Run
Post loads to comments.
Cierra Bertsch at Boneyard CrossFit

"Improving the Thruster" with Nicole Gordon - [video

"Avoid dangerous over-hydration this summer," CBS News. 


R. Davis said...

3 Bear Complex 35lbs (I liked these, they're kind of fun in a weird sort of way)
200m Run (didn't run, jumped rope 100x)
8 Barbell Burpees 35lbs (what's up w/all the burpees this week??)
200m Run(didn't run, jumped rope 100x)
8 Thrusters 35lbs
200m Run(didn't run, jumped rope 100x)
*I should've tried 40-45lbs, but I thought I'd struggle w/the thrusters more than what I did.

Mike said...

24:42 95 lbs
25:46 75 lbs

Anonymous said...

Ian Randolph - 26:00
135 lb complex
95 lb thruster
250 meter run. (Felt long while running so I measured afterwards and I ran 250 meters each time)