Tuesday, May 26, 2015


As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 minutes of:

50 Kettlebell Swings
50 Box Jumps
With a 10 minute time cap
Athletes may partition the reps however they want
[medium] [large]
CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Courses: CrossFit Rife, CrossFit SouthEnd, CrossFit Superstition, CrossFit North Atlanta, CrossFit Mayhem, CrossFit Reston, CrossFit SS (South Side), Blue Star CrossFit, CrossFit Louvre II, CrossFit Glasgow, CrossFit Central London, Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark, Reebok CrossFit Roppongi, CrossFit Geraklion.
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate Courses: CrossFit Dallas Central, CrossFit X-Factor, Reebok CrossFit Officine, CrossFit High Pulse.
CrossFit Kids Course: CrossFit 3D.

CrossFit Video Contest:
CrossFit Fury - [video]

Watch archived coverage from Regional Week 2.


JK said...

I misread instructions: completed 1rd=5:53
1.0pood/35#/16kg kettlebell, 10" box jump
Didn't see it was AMRAP...

Rdavis said...

Completed 85 each- used 3, 45lb weights stacked on top for box jumps & yellow kettle bell

Mike said...

178 rx'd 24k

JK said...

Re-did WOD: 7rds+6(16"BJ,1.0pood/16kg/35#kettlebell)