Monday, November 25, 2013


10 rounds of pull ups, 10 reps, rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.
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CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Courses: CrossFit Morristown, CrossFit Columbus, CrossFit One, NorCal CrossFit, CrossFit Freedom, CrossFit North Atlanta, CrossFit Max Effort, CrossFit Strong, CrossFit Ethos, Studeo55 CrossFit, CrossFit Loreto, CrossFit Bold, CrossFit BCN, CrossFit Effects (FX), Poole, Dorset, UK.
CrossFit Coach's Prep Course: CrossFit Perth, CrossFit Hampton Roads.
CrossFit Kids Courses: CrossFit Dallas Central.

"Grace" with a Stone - video [ipod] [mov] [HD mov]


Gus said...


Micah said...

Marathon Training:

3 miles (hill course w/40 lb weight vest)

WOD- 13:10

JK said...

11:22 knee push-up