Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:
2 Muscle-ups
4 Handstand Push-ups
8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings

Josh Everett 18 rounds. Post rounds completed to comments.

Compare to 110621.


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Rene Sorensen and Martin Nielsen.

"Be Your Own Bodyguard Part 2: PPP" with Tony Blauer, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo with CrossFit NRG - video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

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- George Matthew Adams


Jc said...

9 rds

Zarko Brankovic said...

11rds + 2 mups + 4 hspu + 5 kbs rx'd

jen said...

6 rds +6 dip 6 pull ups, hspu, 1.5 pood

Micah said...

11 rounds in 17 minutes. Had to cut off early for business.