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 Front Squat


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May 30th, 2007 by Mehdi

Rezazadeh Front SquatI used to Back Squat. A year ago I stopped. Of course I needed a lower body exercise. I choose the Front Squat.

This article will give you the reasons why I choose this exercise:

7 benefits of the Front Squat.

1. Less Spinal Load. The Front Squat is a harder exercise than the Back Squat:

  • Less hip involvement because of the upright position
  • Less stable position: shoulders hold the bar using your back muscles

This will prevent you to lift as much weight as with the Back Squat. Less weight on the bar, equals less Spinal Compression.

2. Less Spinal Flexion
. The upright stance during the Front Squats, makes it impossible to lean forward. If you do, the weight drops. This decreases your chances of bending your back. Which is much safer.

3. Less Torque. During a Front Squat, the torso stays nearly vertical during the whole lift. This puts less rotational force on your lower back. Another benefit of the Front Squat’s upright stance.

4. Less Chance of Bad Form. Your torso is not erect during the Front Squat: the bar drops on the floor. You don’t place the bar correctly: the bar drops on the floor. You can get away with bad form on the Back Squat. Not on the Front Squat.

5. Abdominal Training. Keeping your torso erect during heavy Front Squats requires a strong set of abs. The Front Squat is a great exercise to work your entire core. If you lean forward too much during Back Squats, start doing Front Squats. They will quickly solve this problem.

6. Quadriceps Development. The Front Squat will develop your quadriceps like nothing else. The upright stance emphasizes the quadriceps more than a Back Squat does. Take a look at the quads of weightlifters. You’ll get what I mean.

7. Carry Over. The Front Squat imitates the catch position of the Clean. If you intend to Power Clean one day, Front Squats are a good way to prepare yourself. Same for the Overhead Press. The starting position in the Overhead Press is identical to the Front Squat.

Thanks to CrossFit by Overload for the Front Squat wisdom

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