Monday, April 25, 2016


EMOM continue as a long as you are able:
Complete 10 Push ups and 10 squats.
Post number of minutes completed.


R. Davis said...

Although my wkouts are modified, they are just as much of a challenge for me than those who have been doing it a while. My whole goal everyday is to not have my time be twice as long or only do 1/2 the reps as Mike. Today was a big reality check that I still have a long, long ways to go. At the 12 min mark I (more like my upper arm tapped out). I guess the highlight was at least the first 30 push-ups were normal ones. The remaining 90 were knees.
25 min & Mike was still going like he's on round 1. I'm pretty sure the only reason he stopped was he knew he could do the wkout all day long if he had time. I felt like I should've made it at least 4 more rounds before arms went on strike 😡

Mike Livergood said...

Rachel, you did a great job today!

24:16 rx'd, I had to move on to my next appt.

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