Monday, January 4, 2016


20 Rounds every minute on the minute (EMOM)
Odd minutes 10 reps of Hang squat clean 95/65lbs
Even minutes 10 reps of Toes to Bar
Post number of rounds completed with 10 reps but don't stop until completed 20 min.

CrossFit Goat.

"Hamstring Activation Drill" from the CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course - [video]

"GORUCK Tough" - CrossFit Journal [video]


Ian Randolph said...

Randolph 20 RDs. 135 power clean

R. Davis said...

Had I made this posting yesterday it would've been short & sweet with "Barely survived, 35# Rds 1-4 did toes to bar, 5-7 knees to elbow and 8-10 I considered it a miracle each time my knees made it to my waist " But since it is not--I want to know who the hell stuck mini daggers into every major muscle between my sternum and knee caps while I slept? I haven't winced this much when I go to sit down or stand up or cried at the site of stairs with no elevator in sight since the first week I started working out.

JK said...

Awful! Death comes to mind! Try again tomorrow...
65#; not even K2C