Friday, December 4, 2015


3 rounds for time of:
10 dumbbell power snatches, left arm
10 single-arm overhead squats, left arm
10 L-pull-ups
10 dumbbell power snatches, right arm
10 single-arm overhead squats, right arm
10 L-pull-ups
Use a 55-lb. dumbbell for the snatches and overhead squats.
Post time to comments.
Amie Jindra at MBS CrossFit.

"Accessory Work: Banded Tricep Exercise" from the CrossFit Powerlifting Course - [video]

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R. Davis said...

Stuck at home so I made up my own wkout.
10, 9,8, etc. of
Granny throw, 20#
Red KB swings
24" retaining wall w/ a muddy base steps wearing weighted shoes (3# each)

21:00 min