Monday, December 21, 2015


Complete as Many Rounds as Possible in 20 min of:
8 Hand Stand Push Ups
8 Pull ups
8 Walking Lunges 50ft 45lb plate
Post number of rounds to comments:


Mike Livergood said...

8 2/3 rx'd

Mike Livergood said...

Matt 9 rds box pike HSPU 8

R. Davis said...

I think I tapped out at 5 rds and 8 box pike HSPU, 25#. I'm pretty sure I dropped low enough for my head to touch the ab mat maybe 5 out of the 48 HSPU. Maybe it would have been easier to take a break on my head than trying to hold myself up, fearing I wouldn't have the strength to push myself all the way back up. Given this is most likely one of my final postings of the year, I would like to know one thing by this time next year. How in the hell is it possible that after working out there are times when I'm barely able to hold a pencil or walk down a set of stairs without wincing, yet I'm rarely sore the next day??? This makes no sense.