Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Three rounds for time of:
Run 200m with 20lb Med ball (run in the grass in a straight line to the fire hydrant and back 200m.)
25 Double unders
25 Sit ups

All outdoors!

Post your time to comments:

Dan mastering his overhead squat a few days ago!


Meli said...


Val said...

10:10 as rx'd
try and keep up mike ;)

Ali said...

10:46- No double unders 50 reg jump rope

Good Work beating Livergood head to head Val! ;)

Eric said...

9:32 - One DU at a time.

Aj said...

7:26, 50 reg. jump rope, should have done 100 prlly.

olmy said...

9:03 as rx'd

Kd said...

10:15 as rx'd