Monday, February 23, 2009



Complete three rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

These are squat not power snatches.


Enlarge image

J.P. Bolwahnn of CrossFit San Diego - Mexico vs Argentina, USA Rugby Sevens


Nate said...

24:02 (35lbs. L pullups x2 sets.)

Eric said...

32:29 (20lbs rnds 1-2, 15lbs rnd 3, L pull-ups 3 sets) Brutal.

Mike Livergood said...

37:32 w/ 30lbs pu's as rx'd, that was just a painful as i remember! Happy to do it for Joshie, rips and all, right Nate! you gotta stop bleedin all over the place.

Val said...

21:00 (20lbs 21 reg pu's the rest jp)

Ian said...

23:14 (15 lbs., JP x2 sets)